• Witowski, Jan, Jongmun, Choi, Soomin, Jeon, Doyun, Kim, Joowon, Chung, John, Conklin, Maria Gabriela Figueiro, Longo, Marc D, Succi, and Synho, Do. “MarkIt: A Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Annotation Platform Leveraging Blockchain For Medical Imaging Research”.Blockchain Healthc Today 4 (2021).
  • Doyun, Kim, Joowon, Chun, Jongnum, Choi, Marc, Succi, John, Conklin, Maria, Figueiro, Jeanne, Ackman, Brent, Little, Milena Petranovic, Mannudeep, Kalra, Muchael, Lev, Synho, Do. “Automated Labeling of Chest X-ray Images using a Combination of Deep Learning and Radiologist Expertise.” Research Square, (2023).

admin • July 26, 2013

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